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Holidays Should End Sooner

 The holiday decorations and dishes need to change sooner/faster than they do.  Christmas is over, New Years is over.  Perhaps it's time to start getting ready for Valentines?

The games are changing over usually 1-2 weeks after the holiday, and you will definitely see preparation for Valentines (and maybe Rio Carnival!) soon. Thanks for your feedback.


I agree... The snow was a nice touch for xmas but its sooo over can you please go back to the grass setting outside its just tooo much white for my liking.

Today it is 20th. of january - the neighbor bar is changing to advertise about buy christmas stuff ;) ;) ;)
There is still snow outside the cafe -. all that white is damaging our eyes
Christmas gifts is still avaiable
Come on Emily please :)


Waitangi Day in New Zealand is next week. I hope some sort of cake/dish is being done for that and some decoration(s).

We should have had the autumn cake longer than 2 months too. Each season is 3 months long. Why isn't there a winter cake to replace it?

Ok its Feb 1st now we still have snow & its only 13 days til Valentines Day & no NEW decos... Grrr

Is it just me or was the St. Patrick's Day decorations in our café's for only 2 weeks?

Also it doesn't seem like we had the Chinese New Year food items in our café's for the same length of time as we did with the Valentine's Day food items.

Please give us the same length of time on these limited edition dishes and decorations.

I have complained about the foods and decorations for holidays being left up for over weeks on end. The techs response to me a couple of years ago was: If you don't like the way we keep food/decor up, then quit the game and close the app. Pretty nasty remark from a tech!!! When you write these people or post on here about the length of time holiday stays around, they DO NOT CARE what WE WANT or THINK. It hasn't changed for 4 1/2 years so what makes US who PLAY this game EVERYDAY want for the game. Look back and check out how many months people have griped on this forum and still NOTHING on the techs part.....go figure!!!

Today is Jan. 15, is over 20 days past Christmas...for God's sake, REMOVE the damn Christmas foods so I can clear up some counters for other foods...this is ridiculous CL techs to leave holiday food up for way past the holiday. Everyone bitches about this holiday after holiday and all you guys do is IGNORE what people say and request!!

I also thought that if the holidays ended sooner, it would help us have more time with my family, but he was not really so I was wrong. basketball legends

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