Forum Tips & Tricks

 Here are a few tips for making the most out of the forums.

First of all, I highly recommend you to click "Follow" on topics you are interested in. By clicking "Follow" in a top-level forum (such as News & Announcements), you will get e-mail notifications whenever a new subject is added.

For updates on one thread, you are automatically notified if you started the thread or replied to it. But, you can also follow threads you are interested in by clicked on "Do you like this idea?" in the post.

In the Suggestions forum, voting is the most important thing you can do to support new features or push for changes in one of our games. To vote, simply click "Do you like this idea?" at the bottom of the post. Doing this will automatically subscribe you to further activity on that thread.

The devs are marking suggestions topics according to whether or not they are being taken. You can view the status of Suggestions topics when you click on the Suggestions header:

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