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Search bar for Cafeland neighbor tab

As an owner and founder of CafeLand Paradise. Just conducted a poll. Majority of the CL chefs has spoken... Can you precisely tell if the developers will be adding a search bar to help CL chefs with quicker visits???  Any info will be appreciated.  

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Hello Phillip,

The team is currently evaluating whether or not a search bar is a needed feature. This topic will be marked accordingly once a decision is made. Thanks for your suggestion!


It should be ready in about 4 weeks. Thanks for using the forum!


should be ready in 4 weeks??? it is now 4.16.15  don't see the feature yet where we can input a link and get the neighbor's cafe to open in a new tab without having to scroll thru the whole bar esp.if there is a post on my wall saying someone needs to have their dish unspoiled AND when one clicks on the link---am one of their neighbors--- the  cafeland game  opens and i have to scroll thru every page to find that person why can't it open that person's cafe directly for me to unspoil that dish????


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Hi Robin,

I think I misunderstood the original poster. We added a search feature to this window:


that  takes too much time!!! enter the name and add it to ur neighbor bar and then have to scroll thru all neighbors to find that person!!!! give us a script like cafeland---visit neighbor[input name] and it opens their cafe!!! shouldn't be that hard and would be easy for us to respond to help posted in facebook newsfeed!!  cafeworld  gave us that option!! if they could do it i'm sure ur developers would be up to that task and do it also!!!

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How can I GET my neighbors back IN CAFELAND they disappeared.

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I have the same problem, Brooks Vanessa. Whats happened with my neighbours??? 

(307 KB)
(138 KB)

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hi cafeland friend need some more cafeland neighbours please

Please add a search bar above our neighbor bar at the bottom of the game.  If you need to see what it looks like open Family Farm game


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This would make life so much easier, especially seeing as it so slow to change page.

This is the third time my neighbors have disappeared for no reason on my end.  It always happens after I spend  lot of money on my credit card buying cafe cash though.   Coincidence I am sure.  EVEN MY FRIEND list is gone so I can't add anyone either.    THe  developers keep telling me to delete the game and download it again but after four attempts this weekend, I am  totally frustrated.  If I ever get up and running again few free to add me.  I am a good neighbor!.   Julie

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