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Post deleted?

Hi. Yesterday I posted a question about hearts missing. Today I can't find my post. Did you delete it? Why??

I suppose it was because it was either a technical issue (does not belong in the forum, submit a ticket instead), was a repeat topic, contained a link, or was in the wrong place. Feel free to re-post if you think it was deleted in error.


hi. it was posted here. and it was not a repeat topic. and it did not contain any links. i also didnt find any other place to post it. the question was why there were so many hearts missing. from the time when i started visiting my neighbors i wrote down the numbers of hearts i had. just to check. then i noted every heart i got in bonus during my visits (from guessing neighbors dishes) and i also noted how many hearts i got from ppl visiting me while i did all my visitings. when i was finished i got a number of hearts that i expected to be shown in my stocking. but it was 18 hearts missing. and in this counting i did'nt even count in hearts from friends as daily gifts. when it takes about 2 hours to visit all neighbors, there will always be some heart gifts coming in too. so i will estimate the missing hearts to around 30-40!! can you tell me why this happens??

This sounds like a technical issue. Please send a support ticket to get help - the forums are for ideas and suggestions :)


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