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Along the bottom of my cafeland screen are several different topics. The third one in says FOODS. When I click on it, it tells me all the different FOOD that I can cook. When my stoves are full, it blanks out most of the info on the different foods with the words "STOVES UNUSEABLE'. I know my stoves are unuseable, but why can not not look at the different food items to see how much they cost and how long it take for them to cook. This info would help in me planning out what exactly I want to cook ASAP my food is done and ready for the next item. Example. I leave for work at say 6:45. My food is done at 6.35. I need to clear my dishes out, clean my stoves and know exactly what I am cooking next without wondering. I do not see why this info is so secretive that it can not be displayed. I could write EVERYTHING down on paper, but that would be a huge hassle.

Also, is there a web page that lists ALL of the foods we can cook, how much XP/COINS we get for cooking them and then how much XP/COINS per hour we get for cooking them. There was a site like that for farmville and that helped alot when I first started out.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate and value feedback from our players! However, as Cafeland is at the post development stage, there aren't plans for changing the cookbook system for now.

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