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Unspoil dishes

Hi,my dishes just won't spoil,even leaving a 1minute dish on stove for 24hours and it just won't spoil,anybody any ideas? Thanks x

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Same issue - having to use dollars to complete any unspoil challenges 
Hi,its sooo annoying,having to leave those challenges till last as dishes just won't spoil,i did try to leave it for a couple of days once but out of 10 exact same dishes only 2 spoiled,have used about 60dollers so far to do these tasks,not fair x
I have the same problem. (Play on Bluestacks App Player) I am also full up on "Unspoil sauce" (My max limit is 75 for some reason), and that is usually what hits on my Lucky Chef Spin, so Im afraid to use my spins for fear of wasting them. Feel like Im at a bit of a standstill because of this issue.


Same probleme here Please help i cant craft anymore
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