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Update Flash player issue?

Anyone else being asked to update flash player to play Cafeland? I installed it and checked my settings to make sure it's not blocked. Still not able to play all day. Solutions will be greatly appreciated.

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Same here it wont let me in I took it to a Computer store they couldn"t get just a white screen it Shock wave player keeps poping up all freezes

Same here game keeps freezing up


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If using Gameroom and Cafeland wont load due to a needed flash player update or it needs to be enabled,  I Found if you load the game on your browser in Facebook it will tell you to enable it before it loads.  This will also enable it to load in Gameroom.

I only have problems with Farmville 2 , no other problem with Cafeland.

My flash player is up to date and I still can't open the game

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I guess this is a wide spread issue.  We have a brand new quest.  I hope at least that they revive our food for us after they fix it. 

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bitte alles auf deutsch

I have a flash player problem.  I've updated the player, reloaded page, shut down and restarted my computer but the Update flash player notice is still in front of my cafeland page that is loaded but I can't play.

Any help appreciated.

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Me to. This is all so very maddening. 

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Yes, I see spoiled food behind the stupid Flash Player window.

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Yes  i have the same problem with Flash player so as my friends,a lot of them,even though the Flash Player is updated,still after 30 refreshing is the same.The issue is happening for the last 48 hours

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I'm on a MacBook Pro and justI started getting the "update Flash" message, this morning. My Flash IS updated! Any solutions??? Refreshing the screen does not help!

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Nothing works, I am still having the problem. It is either an Adobe issue, or a game issue. But VERY frustrating. I was able to play in Chrome, but it is slow and not very cooperative.

Click on the f look to your top left side and click allow
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