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As of 11/30/17 update cant open the game app

As of an update that post d last night, I can’t opem the app. After a long time “loading” it says need to update app. Of course there is no update in the IOS App Store. So I’m totally dead in the water. Is everyone having this problem?

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hello  same that my problem on my cafe gamegos please give reply

Lost my game because of update, had to start over, not happy
Oh, I have to be approved to say something now, I spent a lot of money on this game, be nice to get some satisfaction
I updated and cant open it
Yes same problem
How can I update the new Version of there is none to choose from play store.
Yes. Same here
Hello. Same problem
Hi I got store update at level 745 what to do I got stuck in that level a couple moths I deleted the game but nothing when I downloaded that again
It kept spinning saying approval needed from me for almost a week.i uninstall and reinstsll.Now it loads but my cafe is gone all 102 levels.All my stuff a and decorations I had earned and bought. How can I get my lovely cafe back?
just updated my cafeland.. Yet can't open it.

Me too

I just updated and now it wont load game, and it froze on my spin when i got rare item, im level 69 please help. Thanks
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