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Neighbor list

Hello, today when I opened the game, I realized that there are no more than 100 friends that I had to visit, I have updated the game several times, and still nothing, only those who play daily appear to me, the rest do not, I want my neighbors back

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thanks for your responses.  At the least I know I am not alone.    I am sure you all feel the same but I put too much effort into this game. I enjoy the game and the challenge.

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Same as all of the above. Help Please.

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I have 19 friends left, not sure how I will be able to complete quests now.  I will have to stop buying cash and hearts. This was a fun game, now I am stressed and do not even want to open it.  

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anyone on this page that needs friends.. Requests me.  I still have 68 friends but I had 98 

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I lost all but one friend...HELP!!  I can't add any, either...??

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If anyone on this page needs more neighbours, you can send me a friend request.

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I tried to add you but your FB profile does not allow me to add..   If you go into the different Sharon Poff My father in his navy uniform is my profile picture.  See if that helps.. Also if you go in to timeline you will see I worked at Anthem and retired

Também perdi meus vizinhos. Por favor, corrijam isso. Quero eles de volta. =/

Jo Sheehan Campelli .....please add me Maria :-) x

I added both Sharon and Susan

I am still missing my neighbors I had 150 now I only have 24 Atleast its better to know im not the only one  However Someone needs to correct the problem. Cant level up or anything.

I had 100 friends now 39.  You may friend me.

Dolls4b2 I am in the same position as you - please add me as a friend then I can add you to my neghbours list and we can both rebuilt lost friends :-)    I am Jo Sheehan Campelli on FB :-) 

I had around 100 neighbors and suddenly I only have 39.  What's that about?  Thanks!

Vholland, how. I have added some new players and they play but not on my line

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