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Cafeland Groups on Facebook

 Looking for friends, or more members to join your group? Post links to your Cafeland groups here!

Best Answer  Cafeland Dish and Design.  Learn the best and exciting designing techniques, share your cafe designs, and be inspired!

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my cafeland group now nearly 1 year old :)


Groups help you level up, get friends and help with quests......join this hassle free friendly group....

Hassle free, helpful and friendly group :)

Anyone care to add me thanks 

Kafeterya tasarımlarınızı paylaşın ve esin kaynağı olun!



 Cafeland Tips :
Owner: Aimee Ang 

Grandma's Kitchen :
Owner's: Randall Decker and Jessica Jordan Shoemaker

Top Chef Cafeland:
Owner: Aimee Collins 

The Cool Positive Cafe Group:
Owner: Chris Orioles Dick 

CL Survivors :
Owner: Denise Bylow

Cafeland Players looking for a great cafeland group to join come try grandmas kitchen cafe group, been around over 4 years, provides fast game info, has over 2200 active members, also has game tips and contests, and admins available 24/7. HAPPY COOKING

Emily are these Groups safe to join in FB? Don't want to do something wrong.


you can see the group in facebook search or click here >>>>

We hope to see you soon. Oh yes, when you do join, please answer 3 main questions before you get let in . thank you for reading 

How  do  I  buy  and  change  cashier  ?   

je recherche equipiers je joue tous les jours depuis peu

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Fui banido injustamente sendo que nunca usei hacker, preciso que consertem isso.
Perdi minha conta do Cafeland, já está em nível bem elevado. Ñ sei o fazer. Alguém pode me ajudar? Fiz alguma coisa com o facebook e perdeu a conta. Ñ sei o que fiz.
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