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Cafeland for Mobile

There should be a version of Cafelan to be played on Android. I can not always get to a computer to play my game.

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I downloaded the puffin web browser on my tablet and it still won't let me play. It says this gam is not available for your phone.  There are several puffing apps, which one do you download for a tablet. I downloaded puffin app for facebook.


The app does not generally work with Puffin browser and we don't support it. Hang in there Saundra, we are releasing a real mobile version soon!


Can't wait for this app to be released. Be great just to check your phone quickly, rather then opening up your laptop and waiting for the game to load just to quickly check your cafe. 

been saying theres a mobile app comming for over a year but as normal nothing happends

It is a taking a while for the app release but I would rather wait longer for an app that is working smoothly other then an app that was released quickly and had lots of problems with it. So I feel confident that when the app is released there will be no issues with the app. So I would rather wait for a good app rather then be disappointed.  

Everybody needs to understand that these games are not just developed overnight, and when they are finally out, they still will have glitches. Be patient, and the game will be released to everybody.
Please update us on the possibility of an android version. I am limited as to when I can play by I don't have a computer and I an addicted to the game
Reading thru these old comments. You had said a version may be ready by winter of 2015. Winter of 2016 is right around the corner. So what's the current progress with this mobile app ?

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that the game is available in many countries now. The Android version is almost ready to be released worldwide while the iOS version still has some way to go. 

You can check your stores to see if the game is available!

Not in my country yet ... (Guatemala by the way!) Please

Downloaded puffin web browser works perfectly

I downloaded the game on my phone, but with the last update I can not play, and now the game uninstalled alone, it was level 36. Does anyone know how I can install again without losing everything?

I use an app called puffin its a flash enabled browser you log into fb from there and i dont have to start over

but my game uninstalled alone, and I could not save in google play. Does it work like this?

Cafeland for Mobile

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