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Reduce the number of Parties Required for Quests

Get rid of the parties to complete goals.  Have to waste to many hearts for lousy rewards.  This game is so boring compared to Cafe World.  

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I have 2 quests pending that i refuse to do  also, one wants me to collect 20 party hats ,one hat cost 60 hearts the other wants me to throw native American party 3 times,its cost 160 hearts for one ,multiply that by 3...too many hearts just to get one dollar cafe cash ,really.not going to do them.not fair to us as players.


Agreed. Either reduce the cost of parties or remove them from quests. It's neither fun nor helpful trying to collect 100000000 hearts to get a trashy reward!


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 too many parties that require you to  use too many hearts i will not do them ,so when will they go away

i just ignore them  have 4 i believe sitting in my cafe am not touching them  

100 glasses costs 3000 hearts get a dish which a friend can send me

fantastic odyssey x 5 cost =1800hearts

lost jungle party x5 cost=1500

collect 20 ballons cost=300 

if i would get 5-10 rich berries/party might consider doing them because i have finished get partyware a long time ago

nice thing is one won't get anymore goals if u have 5 til u bring it down to 4

like having to buy a chessboard or ashwood office door!!!

i;m quiet happy with my doors and decorations

all one does is sell the one u have and replace it once sold with the same decoration

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