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Costs are Too High

why do the things we need to improve our cafe cost so much expanions.decorations fun ext. you do give quest to get cash for x amount of people served but yet it only gives you credit for it if your playing game but yet your food is gone when you return not fair really think this matter should be changed 

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Hello Sharon,

You can buy many decorations using coins to increase your popularity. Cash items doesn't boost it more than others. For more details on popularity, please follow the link to our Wiki! 

I agree thing do cost too much!  I have been playing for a long time and have just under 600.000 not enough to improve fun, decorations or expamd  :(

I still dont have much money to upgrade My cafe!!! 2,500.000 for a drink machine!! It will take Me far to long to save for it.  Think it is time to look for a different, fairer game!!

wow 5000 cash to expand to 21 x 21  it used to be 4000 which was way too high - talk about mission impossible

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5000 cash je veľmi vela

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