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Expansion and Cafe Cash

Hello. I am dedicated player and I really do enjoy playing Cafeland, but the problem I have with it is the expansion and earning cafe cash. It really takes too long to expand, because as each quest comes up, money is being used to do the quest. Not making enough cash nor coins to do expansion.  Why not decrease the price for expansion? Like now, I have about 11 million coins, but it will take 50 million just to get the next expansion. I will not get that amount because I am preparing meals or buying items for the cafe. I don't have the cafe cash to purchase the expansion either. The cafe really does need to expand in order to add more items.

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My problem is that I can not expand  my coffee, it's 21x21 and it does not allow why, only appear to pay with billetes and no appear with coins.

It kept spinning saying approval needed from me for almost a week.i uninstall and reinstsll.Now it loads but my cafe is gone all 102 levels.All my stuff a and decorations I had earned and bought. How can I get my lovely cafe back? Happy Wheels apk online.

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