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Update Deleted my accout. Help

I wasn't a big wig in the game but I definitely took it serious. This last update actually didn't work on my account. All it did was load for hours. So being that I had spent money thru the game, perfected my cafe, I decided to reinstall the game. Only logical right. This all hours before this current tournament. In my mind, it's sabotage. However, with me spending money I need this address ASAP. AM I getting reimbursed, since I'm forced to restart the game? I'm mostly venting.... (But) still extremely bitter right now, since the help desk said it could take 3 days to get back to me... After the tournament ends. Can anyone help me? I'm totally letting my team down!

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Same issue! Lost mine today.
They told me to go into settings and request assistance in the game.
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