Can't serve food you have cooked? This is because you've reached the servings limit for that dish or for your cafe.

The max limit for each dish is 50,000 servings. Note that you cannot cook or serve any more dishes if you already have 50,000 servings. If you have less than 50,000 servings on the counter, you can cook more, but you will not be able to serve what you cook until the total servings drops enough below 50,000 again.

Example: You have 47,000 servings of a dish and you are trying to cook 4,000 more servings of that dish. You won't be able to cook those 4,000 more until you have 46,000 servings left on the counter.

However, even if you are not cooking beyond the limit of 50,000 servings, it's still possible that you'll see a message in the Cookbook saying that you have too many servings and it won't let you serve more of that specific dish. This means that you have reached the maximum serving amount for all counters in your cafe, which is always 100,000 x the number of counters you have.

If you have reached the servings limit on a dish or your total cafe, there are still two ways to continue cooking or serving:

  • Use sauces to sell out immediately of any dishes that are being served
  • Store cooked dishes in the fridge.

These two options create new space for more servings.