Food spoils relative to its cooking time. That means, a 1-hour dish takes 1 hour to spoil. Likewise, a two-day dish takes two days to spoil. As an example, if you cook a 4-hour dish at 2pm, it will be ready to serve at 6pm, and spoil at 10pm. Dishes with a cooking time of less than 15 minutes spoil in 15 minutes.

Got a spoiled dish? That's a shame, but don't worry, there are several ways to proceed.

Choice 1: Throw away the dish.

By doing this, you will lose the dish completely (in addition to the Coins you spent to cook it or the Coins you could earn from serving it), but it will free up your stove.

Choice 2: Find a friend to unspoil the dish.

It only takes one friend to visit your cafe, click on the spoiled dish, and clean it up for you. After this, the dish will return to normal for about 1 week. You should serve it before a week passes (or as soon as possible) so that it does not get spoiled again.

Choice 3: Unspoil the dish with Savior Carrot sauce.

This sauce can be purchased for cash from the sauces menu.