Hello Everyone!

It's totally normal not to receive the quests with "asking friends" tasks after level 250. As for the extra quests you get, it is also normal if you are not getting them anymore because you have completed all of them.

We have recently added around 200 quests between levels 180 and 250. You get 3 extra quests each level between these levels now. And if you were at a higher level than 250 when we added those, you are receiving them as you complete them. And as it has been a while since we released those new quests, it's highly probable that you have completed them all.

None of the mentioned above are "random quests". They are the ones generated automatically as long as you are completing them. There isn't a level or amount limit for those and they will always be there.

If you are at a low level and feel that a quest hasn't come, you can also try refreshing the game or completing another existing quest in order to "trigger" a new quest that hasn't come yet.

Please do not submit any tickets if you are not getting any extra quests as there isn't a bug or glitch about the game quests.

Have a great day and enjoy the game!