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Cafeland Groups on Facebook

 Looking for friends, or more members to join your group? Post links to your Cafeland groups here!

Best Answer  Cafeland Dish and Design.  Learn the best and exciting designing techniques, share your cafe designs, and be inspired!

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need a group come join usif u check out u will be added

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this is my cafe land group all welcome to join

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I tried the distancing in my cafe but I can't find any masks or gloves to put on my people.

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Group for Italians players or stranger also:

Cafeland Gruppo Italiano:


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Nederlands on topic groep voor de Nederlands talige spelers.

Dutch-speaking group for the Dutch-speaking players.You should be able to write Dutch to join !

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Hi Donna, You can click any of the links in this thread to be taken to a Facebook group. Then you just click "Join Group" to join the groups you'd like to join.


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Perdi minha conta do Cafeland, já está em nível bem elevado. Ñ sei o fazer. Alguém pode me ajudar? Fiz alguma coisa com o facebook e perdeu a conta. Ñ sei o que fiz.

Groups help you level up, get friends and help with quests......join this hassle free friendly group....

Hassle free, helpful and friendly group :)

Kafeterya tasarımlarınızı paylaşın ve esin kaynağı olun!


Anyone care to add me thanks 

I m new at this.  How do I join a group??

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