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Cafeland for Mobile

There should be a version of Cafelan to be played on Android. I can not always get to a computer to play my game.

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Hi Georgia! It's true that the project has been delayed but I can assure you we have a team of very talented developers working on Cafeland mobile now. In fact, Gamegos has a bunch a mobile games in the pipeline. For Cafeland progress is making headway and I think you will see the game by Winter 2015. As with all game development, it's risky to make any announcements because we don't want to disappoint people, but this suggestion is made in progress because it IS really happening! :D


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I too want to play on my Samsung tablet. can't wait for this to happen. Please hurry.


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download the puffin web browser in the google play store you can play

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We're currently working on Cafeland for mobile. Stay tuned!


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owh please please please have this app ready for mobile this christmas. it would be a really really very very merry merry christmas to us....

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yes i have a samsung tablet, i would love to take my game with me where ever i go

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helo i would love to play cafeland on my smartphone anywhere but im just only using samsung e7 i dont know how to set up

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I want it, same choice.

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Reading thru these old comments. You had said a version may be ready by winter of 2015. Winter of 2016 is right around the corner. So what's the current progress with this mobile app ?
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Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this!

been saying theres a mobile app comming for over a year but as normal nothing happends

I downloaded the puffin web browser on my tablet and it still won't let me play. It says this gam is not available for your phone.  There are several puffing apps, which one do you download for a tablet. I downloaded puffin app for facebook.


The app does not generally work with Puffin browser and we don't support it. Hang in there Saundra, we are releasing a real mobile version soon!


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