Updates - 3/31/15


- New Easter quest series!

- New item in the Limited sale!

- New Spin game activating tomorrow!

- Easter Gifting Center event!

Don't forget, chefs! If you serve the gifts, your gift collect event count will drop!

Level 1 in new quest expired before I could even see it.

My Easter 1/12 said expired and it was never there before.  I want it back please, or give what I should have gotten for finishing.  thanks

Hi everyone,

You'll have to wait a while before this will be addressed since the problem seems to have happened after normal office hours. As soon as the developers are in the office tomorrow they will right the wrong here, so try to patient until then. If I had to guess I'd say the quest time limit will also be extended so hang tight and thanks for your patience!


whats happening with the new easter quest. It was not there this morning but now a few hours later it said I had left it too late to do level 1 and lost the chance to win some money. 

I have finish my quest with the grandma the radio but i cant find my radio in my gift box

I was just coming here for the same problem. There was no quest yesterday and now I log in and find an eater quest that has 12 steps but only 1hour left before it expires. How can this be possible?