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Can't claim rewards posted by neighbors.....

Since the last error issues I can't claim any rewards from anyone that posts them, It says Item has expired every time. Anyone else having this problem?

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I've been unable to obtain rewards also. Some of them are only 1 min old and already expired. When can we expect to see a fix to this issue?

Is there any solution to this problem?

Me, too.

Can't claim gifts, But posts are also wrong, they all ask for neighbors instead of saying I need 5 lucky chefs, or any other posts. This is getting old. May quit playing. I have plenty of Cafeland friends already.

Need some rewards but never able to claim always says expired boo-hoo

When are you guys gonna fix the rewards from posts? It's been going on too long.

I clicked on a link that was only 27 minutes old and it had already expired.

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