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Missing Food Item

I have tried to cook elegant cake to fulfill for bless this mess quest. it seems to be missing from the "foods section".  Has it been deleted permanently or is there some thing wrong with the server on your end?

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I have tried to cook elegant cake to fulfill a quest and it is missing from the food section.

I need to cook Elegant Cake, but it has disappeared from my cookbook.

Trying to cook elegant cake to complete a quest and it is not in the food section. 

Please send me answer to  Is the Elegant Cake going to be put back in the food items?.  If not, cannot keep playing as I cannot complete the quest.

:( I am also missing the Elegant Cake, please send me answer to  Thanks, I cannot complete the quest either.

When will we get the answer for elegant cake?

I had the same problem with  the elegant cake

Please send the an

swer to

I am having the same problem, no Elegant Cake either to finish the task!

Very frustrating being stuck & unable to cook Elegant cake!

Same For Me! Missing Elegant Cake!!

I also am unable to finish my quest without cooking elegant cakes that are missing

i am missing elegant cake also

twice I needed to prepare elegant cake but it was missing and twice I had to waste cash to finish the task .I would like to get that cash back !!

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