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Neighbor list

Hello, today when I opened the game, I realized that there are no more than 100 friends that I had to visit, I have updated the game several times, and still nothing, only those who play daily appear to me, the rest do not, I want my neighbors back

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Mine went as well it's a FB glitch but you can add me for starters and we can bgin to get more people to game with...Jo Sheehan Campelli on FB :-) x

Meus vizinhos sumiram, não posso fazer as missões, pois agora só tenho 4 vizinhos e não consigo adicionar amigos, jogo todos os dias há muito anos, por favor arrumem isso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when will we get an answer??


I got and answer whihc put the blame on FB glitches :-( x

I had about seventy neighbours and now got seventeen.

 am so sick of this i tried everything they said do and i still cant get my friends back I had 150 now i have 26 this is ridiculous.

anyone looking for friends please add me. I am 'Brenda  Evans aka dolls4b2

I am looking for friends. Someone whith a same problem to hellp?

I am building up my friends/neighbours after losing a lot to the FB glitch - so friend me.....Jo Sheehan Campelli and we can be neighbours in Cafeland :-) 

I lost all but one friend...HELP!!  I can't add any, either...??

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i still have don't have friends yet.? been 10 days?

Mossk1231   you can add me.. Sharon Poff    my profile picture is fireworks 

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If anyone here is in need to neighbours, you may add me also. My profile pic is black cat with rainbow colours. I have had the same problem as everyone here.

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I added both Sharon and Susan

I had 100 friends now 39.  You may friend me.

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