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Neighbor list

Hello, today when I opened the game, I realized that there are no more than 100 friends that I had to visit, I have updated the game several times, and still nothing, only those who play daily appear to me, the rest do not, I want my neighbors back

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ich hatte 20 Freunde im Spiel. Antwort vom Support dass jeder 90 Tage inaktive Nachbar aus der Liste entfernt wird. Warum aber kann man keine neuen Freunde einladen? In anderen Spielen kann man wenigstens die eigenen Freunde fragen. 

I had over 2,000. If they don't get it then I will have to leave. What about 2 to 3 weeks now!!!!!!!

I have been able to add back many players.

Vholland, how. I have added some new players and they play but not on my line

You know where they always show people you might know?  That's where I found new Cafe friends. I just clicked add friend.  After they accepted, they just showed up in my cafe neighbors. I hope it works for you.

:-( No it didn't work. I had over 3,000. I went to Neighbors and seen what you had said. Now if you highlight a word or words. Click on you keyboard Ctrl A, It will highlight all of them there. Now hit Ctrl C that is for copying. Open notepad and hit paste. Of course you have to clean up unwanted text. And get a count. I you have excel, Mine is 2009. Go to send gifts Just click on anyone and  it brings up all you friends. I have sent today and it says 2009. Looks like a few came off and you had to a new ones there. Glad for you :-)

Hi. I'm fairly new to the game. I have 50 neighbors. Tried to add more and it said I have reached my max. Can anyone tell me what to do? Thanks

To Susan Carter, 

You are allowed up to 150 Caféland Neighbours. That sounds like a glitch of some sort. Perhaps you should contact support, if you have not already done so.

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Thank you Susan!

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Your welcome Susan, and good luck! :)

All my neighbors are gone except 2 but you still put challenges up that we need neighbors to complete that is not fair to us. You need to give us challenges that does not need neighbors to complete. Change the game so we will not need to depend on anyone like neighbors to finish challenges. 

Quero solução para meus vizinhos voltarem ao meu jogo. Não posso concluir missões sem eles, estou decepcionada porque meus vizinhos sumiram. Não quero desinstalar meu jogo, mas assim não dá.

Não consigo aumentar  de nível.

My neighbour list at the bottom of my screen is frozen and will not move either way left or right, so the only way I can visit anyone is by clicking on them when they are visiting my cafe.  How can I resolve this problem?

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