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"Serve All" button in Gifts menu

Sometimes I have hundreds - no thousands - of dishes that I can serve from my gifts menu. Do you really expect me to be able to click that much? Where's the "serve all" button?!

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Also a cook all button, for when we have to cook hundreds of dishes for the taste traffic challenge, I never finish, just get what I need if it is hearts or sauces & then quit because I get tired of clicking. Cafeworld use to have this option.

I agree. It is a pain for old hands/fingers to have to click so many times.

why they didnt add it yet.. i already broke one mouse for clicking so many times,,, its irritating,,


 totally agree,,, we need this option..

i need cafeland players 

we have to click enough in this game and serving the food is hard work when you have thousands of food to serve. a serve all button or even serve a certain amount of food would really help in the game and make it easier for some people that suffer with arthritis and struggle to click on food to serve thankyou .

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Perhaps even a 'Serve 50' button, I wouldn't mind clicking that a few times to get rid of excess dishes in my gifts.  I know this is deferred, but hopefully we can bring it back for review.  The Serve All would not help when we have the gifting events, but serving 50 at a time would be great!

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As said before with other issues...a "serve all" or serve amount would be of great help. Unfortunately the techs that develop the game just DO NOT CARE about US-the players. We have requested many different ideas over time and they just DO NOT try to help the players out. Goes for laying down foods on stoves...have a select all or amount. If the techs would honor the players requests, more of us would be able to get ALL of our visits in more often, which would be an asset to our neighbors and selves.

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I have found an interim solution.  I did a search and found many apps that do automatic clicks.  Most of them allow you to edit the number of clicks you want and the time between clicks.  It saves wear and tear on your wrists and mouse or keyboard buttons.

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we need this urgently. why is this suggestion deferred?

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I agree!!! There needs to be a serve all/sell all option. There are so many gifts of 1 item that I don't even request foods anymore. It's a pain to click 3000 times to get rid of a certain gift. I'm going to wear out my mouse. Please add something like this!!!!

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