The Cafeland Wiki

 The Cafeland Wiki is an amazing resource built by fans like you. Head on over for detailed information and strategies for game play, and be sure to join the community by adding and editing articles yourself!

See you there!

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Bonjour Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me répondre en français svp?

it was very helpful to editing articles...i loved it... cafeland wiki is wonderful source of communicate with the people.i can watch cafeland community videos on ghdsportstv for free

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Olá meu jogo travou dia 06 de janeiro de 2020.é Cafeland 163 angels 72...só ficava carregando e não abria...então desinstalei e quando fui reinstalar ele abriu no nível 01 gosto muito desse jogo...preciso de ajuda....Obrigada




Hello... i need more friends to play Cafeland with.....hit me up if you'd like to become Cafeland friends

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Oh very well and you are thinking more peoples. Because your post is helpful for peoples. We should focus on this Gustavo Woltmann

ichch kein nicht spielen mehr

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