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Cook the Same Dish on All Available Stoves

There should be some way to serve the same dish in all available stoves.

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I agree with this idea, they had this in cafe world and it was great, you clicked on a chef and had the option to cook the same thing on all available stoves.

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I think that's a GREAT ideal, it would same time..

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Love, Love, Love the idea of being able to cook one thing on all available stoves.  Also the ability to serve all cooked items with one click.  24 stoves and it seems all I do is click.

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This would be a wonderful feature to add. Please consider it.l

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ess ideia é muito boa já faço no café to amado cozinha felicidades !!! 

great idea!!! have a drop down under each dish to give us the ability to choose how many we want to cook---  could be 2, 5, 10, 15, or 24 since not everyone has 24 available stoves

 heart requests would be 2 for each dish and ALSO give us the ability to type in the name of the dish we wantto cook!!! if i want to cook bacon canapes i have to click thru every page to get to the dish which right now is p29 but when get new dish it goes to another page!!!!

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I would pay cafeland cash for such an item.

Would be great to have that and to have a serve all on gifts too

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cafe world had the chef to cook and  serve all the dishes that were done, then recook another dish it was alot better to much clicking

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I agree, instead of clicking each stove to cook or serve it would be GREAT to be able to cook and serve all at one time

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yes !!

 serve all and cook all buttons would be a great addition to the game

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Robin, you could always look for the dish you want to cook, by using the "name" button on the cooking list, it is alphabetical 

a great idea, there will have to be a great chef to be able to do that, but otherwise it will be difficult to challenge cooking run 3

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