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Don't Ask for so Many Clicks on Clients

It's really boring to have to click in 30 or 40 clients to finish a quest.

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Hi Ariana,

Thanks for your feedback. Are there other tasks you prefer doing?


I really like the quests that ask you to get 25, 50, 250, 500 etc dishes from friends. Then when you complete the 3 request challenges in each catagory you get a prize. Can't remember what it's called, but I would love more of those!

it is too tedious to have to click on 47 visitors to get their opinions!!!

click and get a popup which has to be closed before one can click on the next one!!!

click on a customer and get popup the dish is not finished yet and on other clicks on customer get the popup which wants one to buy cash/hearts and each one has to be closed before going to the next customer

someone said you don't have to do that quest so why are you giving it to us??? if we don't do it get no hearts and less people will be playing cafeland because it is too expensive for items to buy

i don't mind clicking on the customer when one only has to click on 5

get to 45 then one gets exactly what you described so why can't we get a notification when we completed the clicks

that way we don't always have to open the goal to see how many more we need

presume it wouldn't be that hard for a good code programmer to achieve that !!!

too many customers to click on just to finish a goal.  very time consuming.

I prefer not clicking on 60 customers; I think it's simple that Ariana is asking that we don't have to click on so many. I agree. 

Why is this forum here? I'm reading suggestions and questions asked yrs. ago and Gamegos never improves anything the dedicated players are asking for. That's not nice. 

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