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Cafeland for Mobile

There should be a version of Cafelan to be played on Android. I can not always get to a computer to play my game.

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We're currently working on Cafeland for mobile. Stay tuned!


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Yeah! It would be easier for me to play my cafe in my phone. Hurry Up people!

you got to be joking!!! with all the connection lost issues and the bandwidth too high  for smart phones would be a very high cost  which not everyone would be willng to pay

Great idea. When I'm away visiting & have no PC I can still keep up.

yes i have a samsung tablet, i would love to take my game with me where ever i go

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 Currently working on this???? So damn funny as this idea has been sent to you guys for over 4 years and you are still working on this....why can't you guys be honest and actually let people know that this suggestion just ain't going to happen in my lifetime.

Hi Georgia! It's true that the project has been delayed but I can assure you we have a team of very talented developers working on Cafeland mobile now. In fact, Gamegos has a bunch a mobile games in the pipeline. For Cafeland progress is making headway and I think you will see the game by Winter 2015. As with all game development, it's risky to make any announcements because we don't want to disappoint people, but this suggestion is made in progress because it IS really happening! :D


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I want it, same choice.

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I too want to play on my Samsung tablet. can't wait for this to happen. Please hurry.


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So cafeland will be available by the end of this year? My gosh that would be so awesome!
helo i would love to play cafeland on my smartphone anywhere but im just only using samsung e7 i dont know how to set up

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Is the app ready? My home computer is on the frizz and the job computer blocks me from playing. It would be great to be able to play on my tablet. So will it be up and running before Christmas?


owh please please please have this app ready for mobile this christmas. it would be a really really very very merry merry christmas to us....

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download the puffin web browser in the google play store you can play

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