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Cafeland for Mobile

There should be a version of Cafelan to be played on Android. I can not always get to a computer to play my game.

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Not in my country yet ... (Guatemala by the way!) Please

Yeah! It would be easier for me to play my cafe in my phone. Hurry Up people!

Can't wait for this app to be released. Be great just to check your phone quickly, rather then opening up your laptop and waiting for the game to load just to quickly check your cafe. 

So cafeland will be available by the end of this year? My gosh that would be so awesome!

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that the game is available in many countries now. The Android version is almost ready to be released worldwide while the iOS version still has some way to go. 

You can check your stores to see if the game is available!

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Great idea. When I'm away visiting & have no PC I can still keep up.

Please update us on the possibility of an android version. I am limited as to when I can play by I don't have a computer and I an addicted to the game
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