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Leave Holiday Decorations Available Year-Round

I would like to request more holiday theme decorations. By that I mean ALL holidays like New Years, Valentines, St Patricks, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thxgiving & Xmas.

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Hi Holly, do you mean you want more decorations during these holidays in general or do you want more holiday decorations in the game that are there throughout the year?


Hi Emily, I guess u can say both. I am an ex Cafe World player & that game had LOTS of decorations to choose from for any occasion. I always enjoy decorating my cafe for what ever occassion it happens to be. There is hardly any decorations in cafe land. For instance right now I want to decorate for Valentines & all I can find remotely close is some red balloons and red candle. I want some cupids & hearts, ya know...

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Hi Holly,

We normally do add holiday decor around the time of that holiday, but no earlier than 2 weeks. I like the suggestion of making holiday decoration available year round, but they are only open for a limited time for marketing purposes. We will have a chat and see if it would possible to make them available all the time. Note that this also requires more work for our side, because players like to see new things from time to time, and currently we use seasonal decorations as a way to offer new things from time to time that don't have to be re-done year-to-year. Make sense?

Thanks for your suggestion.


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Hello Holly!

Although it sounds like a good idea to have all items available throughout the year, everyone normally tends to decorate according to seasonal trends. Making items available all year round might make the game more boring if you think about it in long term. Plus, we would need a whole new decoration menu or warehouse categories to be able to adapt this feature -which is quite risky to do as Cafeland is at a post-development stage and features of this kind might be buggy.

We will, however, try and add more new stuff each time we create a seasonal theme.

Thank you so much for your opinion and we would love it if you keep feeding us with these ideas!

Peace! ^_^

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Hi Leona & Emily,

Oh nooo I think u may have misunderstood me. I dont mean that the game should have 4th of July stuff added NOW. What I mean is the next holiday is Valentines so decos for that holidays should be added now but do not remove them from the options. Once they are added they should stay in the options year round so that next year I can use them again if I wish or if someone joins the game in the middle of the year they can still access those decos. However, when the next year rolls around some NEW decos can be added. I hope I have explained myself better. Thx

I am upset because I was going to buy myself the St. Patrick's Day drink machine as a gift to myself for this holiday. Well, it was there until today (St. Patrick's Day) and is now not available. Why would you take away a holiday decoration/machine/etc. on the actual day of the holiday? 

Its have his won steps for the all user because here now we   world of solitaire can get more things for the work and its so good for the all user.

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