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Standards for Decoration Quality are Too High

Can you possibly dial back what you want for Decoration quality? I have spent over a million in coins to get the decoration quality up and it's not near enough. my popularity barely moved.  I am trying to save mega millions of coins to expand and its almost impossible to do when you have to spend millions to satisfy the decoration demands. Its getting ridiculous! 

The ONE reason I liked this game is better decorating options but you are taking the fun out of it when we're forced to buy crap we don't want to decorate our cafe's with, just to satisfy the decoration quality. Only to find a week later it wants even more. You don't want people using the cheat bot soooo how about dialing things back so its slightly easier to achieve. I'm all for a challenge and don't want it handed to me but now my cafe looks like crap and no place to put things. Its taking the fun out of it for me. Add other things to keep popularity up like clean floor 50 times and refresh drinks 20 times and serve 10 of each spoon or fork meals or buy 5 plants or purchase two wall decorations or visit 20 friends all things that can make people happy, why does it have to be decorations and size of the cafe to achieve popularity...... why do we continuously have to buy things that do not go with the decorative theme we pick just to get the happiness level up. Make other challenges to meet to do this in addition to occasionally asking for more decorations. 

thank you

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Hi there Deeann.

Thanks for your suggestion. The team will have a look at this and see if it's possible.


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I hate seeing the cafe filled with dancing and moving things in a big group to keep up the fun quality also. It looks tacky and you can't hide the darn things. I hate most of the options. Could you put a higher level of items so that not as many are needed.  

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Now a good portion of the nice decorations are cash $20.00 for a piece of wallpaper?  $50.00 for a table 30.00 for a stool?  Come on lower the prices

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In the past two years, everything turned way too expensive to be fun.  What a waste of a perfectly good game; I don't mind it taking time to do a quest -- but 1000s of hearts for a "nothing" party and a single dish is silly.


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maybe the decoration items could have different rating, if it's cheap gives less popularity percentage, if it's more expensive it gives more percentage.
All this items look bad and also increases our lag when we are trting to visit neighbours with some many items, takes too long to load..


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I agree, and also prettier floor decorations that don't cost $2k would be nice, too. This game is less fun than Restaurant City by Playfish b/c the players are very limited and stifled what we can do. Not all of us have $100 to spend on the same game each month for years and years. Also you should GIVE a 1x1 expansion w/ each level up; that's just basic. 

I'm so done with this game! St. Basil's Salad 7/12  Need to buy and place 5 "Pickles" at $750,000.00 each, really? 1 would be enough, why the hell would I want 5? The game wants 20 million to expand and I will never save that much if I have to spend 3.75 million on absolutely stupid crap! Game sucks big time! I visit my high level neighbours and their cafe's look like junkyards, every inch covered with something, just UGLY

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So I've continued to play, but now I need to buy 15 Wine Barrels at $190K each, really? I will never be able to expand, as soon as I get close to enough coins, an absolutely ridiculous quest like this comes along. Don't know why I bother with this game!

Lori..I  know the prices for the decorations are ridiculous. But after you buy what you need for the quests you can go to the warehouse and sell won't get back the amount you had to pay but you will get some of the coins back...I hope this helps.

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How do you remove decorations?

David, click the chair icon, then just click and drag them to the storage box.

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