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Reduce the number of Parties Required for Quests

Get rid of the parties to complete goals.  Have to waste to many hearts for lousy rewards.  This game is so boring compared to Cafe World.  

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Thanks for the suggestion. The devs will mark this as "not taken" because in order to make quests (especially limited time ones) difficult, certain tasks must be used. Maybe if your suggestion gets votes from other players they can have a look at it again.


I agree that sometimes they want way too many parties for the 12 step quests.  Maybe not so much have less parties, but have them cost less hearts.


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too many part request !! how do I remove them off my cafe ? I lost a lot of my hearts behind too many party request ! Ugh !!!

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I agree as I have used most my hearts and cash to get through this latest quest only to find now that I need another 300 hearts to do a party. I wont be able to collect them in time so cant complete the last part. This has really annoyed me as had I known just how many hearts it would have used I would never of started it. I suggest either less parties/less hearts used or let us know BEFORE we start just how many hears we are going to need. I wasted so many now and cash which takes time to build up.

Very unhappy about this :(

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take away the partys im not spending money to get hearts so when hearts gone i close game cafe world was 100% better then this game more thing that neighbors had to work together to complete it was way more fun


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I totally agree; hearts are too difficult to earn unless one has a thousand (or so) friends and one can never tell when the number of hearts for serving items will increase at the rate of inflation; I have 3-4 quests just waiting to scroll away, because I won't spend over 3000 hearts for a single quest for a "nothing" prize.  I've been playing this game since the week it first came out, but I can see the end in sight. That is sad to me


Same as said by the others above.  Will those party quests ever disappear from my page?? grrr...

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Just added the topic again.  Four of the five quests I now have are useless.  Dead.  Not happening.


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And I have three of four current quests which are the exact same...dead!  Cannot believe developer not doing something about this.  Thank you for re-introducing the topic Persimmon Madison!!

I agree. The number of hearts required throughout the Quests are not worth the reward or loss of a much higher number of hearts. For instance, if you have to use 150 hearts in order to be rewarded 30,000 coins and 20 hearts, it's not worth it. As a former Cafe World mega fan, I see the benefits that Cafeland has to offer, but the biggest problem is how expensive everything costs and the poor rewards.

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Stalled again -- I just earned 20 hearts in one of the quests and knew that it would probably be my last step in the quest.  Sure enough -- the very next quest will cost 300 hearts.  So, the whole thing will sit there--stalled until it expires.  It will join the other FOUR dead quests.  The developers invented a fun game; surely, they have more imagination than this.  Maybe not.


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Yes, I fully agree with suggestions.  I think if you can not do a quest, we should be able to delete it, so we can continue playing.  I think we should have more cooking only, after all this is a cooking game.  To have to click on 47 opinions to get 5 hearts is just ridiculous.  Plus I have several quests that requires help and if you don't have over a hundred friends, it takes forever to complete.  How do we delete friends that do not contribute as a lot of people are no longer playing.

Seriously, since I have 4 quests pending on my board -- 2-3 I have not even touched in over a year (or so), I think it is fairly obvious that I am not going to play them.  I'll just keep cooking and helping my friends and hope that just "logging on" one day won't cost me 500 hearts.


Thanks Persimmon, maybe if we communicate our frustrations, they will try and make this game more fun.

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