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Allow More Stoves


I enjoy and loved playing this game but I have a major problem. I do have a limited number of stove to 24. Maybe its a good thing if you could somehow add or maximize it to 30 or 40. Im saving up lot of coins to do an expansion but till now i'm stuck with my current amount. It do help a lot to earn due to expensive amount of expansion or you can adjust the expansion cost.Thanks!

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I agree!! Also, they charge way to much for everything!! It took me 2 weeks to save to expand. I needed 1,000,000 coins. Now they want 2,000,000 to expand again. Saving that much will take a month! Also, I need to spend while I'm saving to do their other quests and things. It's to much! Someone is way to greedy! Why can't it just be fun, for the most part. I will not spend my own cash on a game. Sorry Gameco!

We need more burners or more stoves.  How about a longer quest that gives more burners on a stove?  Even the ability to buy a 50% stove wold be nice - with coins  I'd spent 20,000,000 on one

I like the idea of more stoves.  Expansions cost Way to much.

I agree expansions cost way too much. I can not justify paying $50 in real cash to get 4000 cafe cash to expand one lousy square??  Please allow us to expand using coins as an options or let us buy cafe cash with our coins??? I like to use my cash for decorations  or red stoves :-)

I think we need more burners on our existing stoves, such as being able to cook four of the same dish at a time on each stove, while the stove remains the same size without taking up more room because I totally agree that expansions cost way too much, I'm saving up for the last one available with gold, and I need 50 million!  Way too much!!!


yes, there should be more stoves allotted would make the game much more enjoyable. 

Great Idea, I just spent 50,000,000 coins to get more space and it looks like I can't use coin for next ups.

I just got stuck with my current amount of coins.

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