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Add New Features/Quest Types to Cafeland

I have played cafeland since cafeworld closed, and at first I was excited because it's a more stable game.  But now I am completely bored with it, same old same old quests.  Why not try some builds where you have to do certain things to aquire something great for the cafe, for example a cook all chef, when you click on him you can cook the same dish on all available stoves at the same time, and you have to use hearts to power him up.  And how about doing quests to get 50% faster cooking stoves, it takes forever to get enough cash to buy one.  Another idea to save space in the cafe is to do quests to get multi burner stoves, where you can cook 4 or 6 or 8 or even 12 things on one stove.  Right now all there is in cafeland is the Cook for money quest, the taste traffic challenge and the odd other one that is a 12 day one can't remember the name, all this adds up to boring lol.

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Hi Debbie,

We are planning to add new quests between levels 180 and 300, but not sure if there will be any rewards like those you mentioned. I can discuss it with the team. Thanks for your feedback and let me know what kinds of quests you like best.


All these new quests are lame, I'm NOT spending 1800 hearts to get 10,000 coins and 2,000 exp., Not worth it, you may as well come wipe these new quests off my board cause i'm not doing them. You need more decorations and flooring.

 The new requests I do not like.They are boring and foolish.I have done several of them and they are repeats.For the amount of real money I have spent on this game I feel it is not worth it with all these requests and do not look forward to play the game.Before all these foolish requests it was fun and exciting.

I say the same as James Dann to remove those requests from my list.I have had enough of them.I too have quit the parties.I am only using the cooking ones and when I get tired of them I will cook what I want:)

Is wondering how many of the requests you have posted? I am sure I must be 1/2 done.Thanks for your time.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you don't like the new quests, but our analysts determined that the vast majority of high-level players with little left to do were demanding them. You are free to not do them if you choose not to. As you have already started, I challenge you to finish them, though :) There were a little over 200 quests added; three for each level. Hope this helps.


I am on level 862 and I feel it was just quite fine playing with no requests.I have spent just on these new requests close to 150.00 dollars of my real money and I just cannot afford to spend any more on this game for the requests as they are very expensive to use real money when I needed to.Unless you give me play green cash to use if I need it:) so I challenge you to give me this play green dollars so I do not have to use my real money to buy play money:)Thanks I will only do the cooking ones now.Thanks for your time once again


Ok so each level has different types of quests?  I am at level 144 I think, and so far they are all pretty much the same, and I am getting bored with them, so I sure hope they start to get better soon.  When I used to play Cafeworld the same quests were put out for all at the same time, no matter what level you were on, so this is strange to me, that people are working on different things all the time.  Why not put out ones that everyone works on at the same time, and make the things you win are a lot better than they are right now.  Oh and I hate the dishes that take so long to cook like the 2 day ones, unless all your stoves are the super ones that cost 550 cash to get, it's too long a wait.

i  cant finish my quest right now. i am on level 3 in the latest quest. it says to sent sushi plate to 15 people i have tried for  3 days and i still get nothing am stuck on this level forever. iam not going to spend anymore money for this.please fix ,my cafeland

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