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How Much XP is Needed at Each Level?

I would like to thank the makers of this game. I find myself coming home from a hard day of work and turning on the computer and getting tied up into this game. Cafeland is very relaxing. I played cafeworld a few years ago but my internet was not cheap at the time so I only played that a month or so. My wife told me this was out and Ive been playing ever since. My main question is I notice that the experience points needed to advance to the next level goes up every so often. I coundnt find any answers online. Is their a listing of how many experience points needed for advancement to each new level. Im on level 66 and noticed my points needed was like 45,000. My only suggestion is that I'm lead to believe that expansion levels 21 and 22 are cash only and out of this world amounts. I think the game designers should just let players unlock those expansions after players reach those designated levels. That's alot of time and effort up to that point. It would be a nice little incentive. Again thanks, love this game.

i am not getting my lea val up points it has not changed for a few been keeping an eye on it whats the point of the game if you withhold my well erned points for levelling up please can i have them 

 I leveled up and my expansion did not show

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