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Electric stove Brush charge


  I would like to have the electric stove brush charge per stove like 1 heart for every 500 stove :D and not per day like it is now since I am not playing all day, just 3-4 hour a day, so 25 hearts/day is like a waste of heart. Thanks

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You have a promo for electric brush cleaner that DOES NOT need charging; I have one that I bought that I have to pay to charge to use. My question--can I switch out the one I have that I have to charge for the one in the promo that I DONT have to charge? I think it's a lil unfair for this promo to come up now and I am at level 115 and I have to charge mine. I'm just asking--I'm not gonna stop playing, but I was just wondering.

Also, what happened to the $15 special for hearts, coins & cash that was up earlier today? I came on to play, did a couple things in my kitchen & went back for it and it was gone. Replaced with a $6 promo I'm NOT interested in. Thanks so much or all your help in advance.  Please send answers to

Hi All,

Firstly, these two subjects are different from each other, so I'll be replying to both seperately. When you have questions about the game, you can also submit a ticket through "contact us" form.

Hoang, thank you for your suggestion, but it is quite unlikely to change the charging system for the special cafe kits at this moment. We will, however, evaluate your idea with the team.

S J, yes, you can buy the special stove brush and use it. You need to remove the other one to the warehouse and put this one to your cafe. You can sell the old one if you want to. These are new items, they weren't in the game before, so it shouldn't be unfair as it's a new feature. As for the offer, it must have timed out and a new one appeared.

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts with us!

Have a great day

Hello, Leona--

Thanks to ALL of you that answered my question--as I stated, I hadn't read the promo correctly and misunderstood what was being offered; once I re-read it, I purchased the stove and am quite happy with the purchase! I do appreciate all who helped me in my situation and I love playing the game! thanks again!


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