3/31/15 - Eggstra Fun Quest

 Hi all, I'm very sorry to report this but unfortunately the quest may not be fixed until tomorrow morning, likely around 5am EST. This is due to the fact that the bug happened after normal office hours. Thanks for your patience and please do not submit tickets about this issue now.

Generally when these issues happen the devs extend the time for the quest. I'll keep you posted on their course of action. Thanks!

I assume you are talking about the timing issue?  That was odd.  I was happy to see an extra quest, and then all of a sudden . . .it was over.  Appreciate the extra quests -- hope the timing issue is being address if that is what you are posting about.


This issue is now fixed.


two items are not working, the mexican taco and the zalm and mais pastei, done both 10 times, nothing, it's costing money and time, thanks a lot..grrrr

Eggstra Fun Level 4 - my gifts of rainbow pancakes are not registering! Tried the past three days. 

I am also having trouble with the eggstra fun level 4 quest.  The same trouble as Darlene Blasing.  My rainbow pancakes are not registering.  I have sent it out to at least 100 people now and it doesn't register.  I have refreshed and it still doesn't register. It's as if I haven't sent them at all.  

Can not send fruit plates to friends on eggstra fun, not registering

I have had problems on steps 4, 8, and 12 of this quest chain; none of the parts of the chain where I have to send friends food works. I had to put in help tickets for all 3 parts to have them fixed; parts 4 and 8 were completed for me. Part 12 is still hanging and I'm almost out of time, even with sending the Good Luck Cake several times. I don not want to miss the reward for this chain. 

Same here, I can't send the gift to my friends, happened many days lately, I just waited and waited and waited for it to be fixed but still the same.

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