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Reduce the Price of Sauces

Seriously, 1 Rapid chill sauce for 40 CL Cash...what a fricken RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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totally agree.  They really need to reevaluate a lot of this game, they want too many hearts for too many things.  And from what I see in a lot of peoples cafe's I have a feeling there are a lot of people cheating out there that aren't getting caught.


Also. There are no more videos to watch to win free berries. I agree the sauces cost way to much.

I can see these suggestions don't get too far.  I was going to buy some Rapid Chile, but did't see how many we get for a whopping 40 cash.  I ended up here and am flabbergasted at only getting one for that price.  I would consider it if it were 5 for 40 cash.  There is no other way that I have found to earn it.  I won't be buying, and if we don't get some sort of response back from the designers, I'll just have to move on.

Hello there,

I understand that you are upset about the prices of the sauces but the prices have been the same for many years and the team decided not to reduce them after the evaluation. As it's not very hard to level up and make progress in the game, speeding things up is kind of a premium thing. So the Rapid Chilis are a bit expensive.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, though. It's always a good idea to reach out when you want to see something new in the game. We encourage our players to share their suggestions and ideas about the game all the time. And we will continue to evaluate each and every one of them in the future.

Happy cooking!

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