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Shorter Time Intervals for Floor Cleaning

the time for floor cleaning for quest are too long, there is only so much you can do just sitting there in your cafe, it is boring waiting because you cannot do anything else, and if you leave your computer with your cafe on it time out and you have to refresh and start all over again...Please reconsider 2 to 3 mins. instead of 5 to 9 mins, especially for quest that require cleaning the floor 20 times...

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totally agree. They say that the time for dirty floors doesn't change when there is a quest for it. But it darn well sure does. On a normal day when I take my daughter to school and leave the Cafe open I will come home to 6 or 7 dirty floors. Today, none. Yesterday, none.


I'm sure it takes longer when a quest is on to get a dirty floor too, also I find that sometimes you clean a floor then it hasn't counted, very annoying. I have put in a ticket about this several times but never get an answer. 

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