Game Lagging or Slow - 10/21/15

Hi all,

We've gotten lots of reports about Cafeland lagging or slowing down, making it hard to click on things in the game and play normally. We have found out that the latest version of Adobe flash player on Chrome seems to be causing the problem as many other players of different games experience the same issue. However, some players told us that they are using different browsers and the game is working fine on them. So we suggest using this workaround for the time being.

Thank you all for your patience and have a nice day!

For those of you still struggling, you can help by providing screenshot of your active plug-ins if you use Firefox or Chrome.

Step 1:

For Firefox, type about:addons into your URL address bar.

For Chrome, type chrome://plugins into your URL address bar.

Step 2:

Take a screenshot. It should look like this in Chrome:

or like this in Firefox:

In addition, and other information you can provide about what you are doing before the lag occurs (visiting friends, serving food, collecting tips, etc) would be helpful.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


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Hi, I had the lag playing the game, (cookin', visiting friends etc). The lag is everywhere, everything you do with all broswer I use (playing ML too).




Thanks to your work :D

I use coowon browser and my game does not lag but it used to with chrome. Now that the gift envelope is so full the game freezes while collecting & it it very slow. Nothing has changed with the speed while in cafe still runs great but can't seem to answer all requests with the freezing and slowness of the envelope. Thank you