Daily Gift Limit

Hello Everyone,

We have just updated the game about the daily gift limit. We want to make some things clear as many players were confused about the limiting.

- The limit is set for gifts only, not hearts, daily coins or quest requests.

- The limit is set for "accepting" gifts only, not for requests.

- The limit set for the gifts areĀ only for the gifts you "accept" from your mailbox. The gifts you sent requests for are automatically added to your game without accepting, so the 1000-limit is actually just for the ones coming to your mailbox right now. This means that you can still get many gifts in a day but only limited to accept 1000 of them from your mailbox.

- The mailbox will bring 100 messages each time now, so there won't be slowness due to loading.

- Once you reach your daily gift accepting limit, you won't see the extra ones. Therefore, your mailbox will not be stuck, loaded by the gifts you cannot accept.

- Your daily limit will be reset every 24 hours.

If you experience any issues please open a ticket and explain the problem in detail.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation on this matter throughout the week.

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