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Aceept & Send All Button Option

 I used to play Cafeland much more than I do now.  I have been discouraged by the length of time it takes to answer requests.  Many of us Accept & Send everything.  Would you consider adding an Accept & Send All option to our requests mailbox, please?  It would greatly speed up answering requests without causing a major issue with your servers..

By setting it up like Accept All and Help All buttons, players would still have the option of not Accepting & Sending All if they are worried about the food gift limit.

Thank you.

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 Hi cafe land friends, some time back i answered requests for new neighbors thought it would be quicker when answering requests to date it has not worked out at all i have to send in excess of thirty requests to get maybe five back, seriously considering deleting the lot, as it is no fun anymore, i answer requests as soon as i can, i know we are in a different time zone. still does not excuse not sending requests back. if you do not play cafeland please delete. thanks. 


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When I visit friend's cafe its having me send gift request when they are already neighbors.

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