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Allow More Than 150 Neighbors

I have more friends, who were playing the cafe land. So, please allow the neighbors more than 150.

Hi there Lalitha,

To maintain the game's balance, we can't adjust how many neighbors players are allowed to have. Thank you for the suggestion, though!


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Emily is right Laitha I am a former Cafe World Player and they didn't really put a limit on neighbors you could visit. This is the reason that game did not work well for so many of us.  Also there are a lot of people who don't have the time to visit even all of the 150 neighbors so more wouldn't be good at all for them. I am glad to hear that neighbors will be left at 150. However there is a way you can visit all of your friends if you want to fool with it. They won't all get daily visits every time, but every so often like weekly, monthly, etc. you can switch out some our all of you neighbors with some of your friends, and at some time every one will get visits. But that is only if you want to fool with doing that because it takes time.

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can we change out neighbors to be able and visit all our friends who are playing

I have just tried changing out my neighbors ,, at this stage I visit A to F, then remove them ,, next time I will visit G to K , remove them and add back the A to F, then L to P , and add back G to K , etc until I get thru them all ........every now and then I will remove all , and add them back as they ask or send ,, the ones that don't indicate to me they no longer play the game , so I then remove them from my friends list ,,, if anyone has a better way of doing this then I would appreciate your advice ...

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