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Add Expansions for Coins & Quest Rewards

 Hi, please add the 21*21 expansion for money and not only for cash, we're all blocked with this one.

Quests: There is the last quest that gives only 5 hearts...I heard so many players in my CL group that have problems with hearts, it's hard for them to add new players and know that they are active ones...So, in this quest you can increase more and more the number of the hearts that this give like: first 10 times, 5 hearts, and so on, 10, 50, 50, 100, 100 and so on...

This, I think add some variety at the game itself,

thank you!


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Hi, please add 21*21 expansion for money and not for cash, we're blocked with this one. I cannot afford $5,000 cash

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