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Special Oven Mechanics

isnt it pink & blue stove cook 30% faster?
what do you mean 30% more serving..
its not working on my part..

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1)  another problem.i cooked and served a total of 40 grilled steak..only 2 was counted in meat loaf         radio..what happnned to 38 grilled steak? 
2) i used my pink & blue stove..i cooked 20 casserole of grilled steak..after 10 hours i lost the pink and blue stove..i served 19 grlled steak..i open my warehause to look for the lost stove but didnt find it.i place another ordinary stove to replace the lost pink and blue stove then i refresh my laptop..after refreshing surprisingly the pink and blue stove was back in the same place..i think even my bonus counter didnt move after serving my grilled steak..

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