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Quests Asking to Spend Too Many Hearts

I am a little take away with the amount of hearts that you are asking us to use as we go on with the new quests for the new food. As much as some of us spend our money in this game because its an relaxation for us, we have to pretty much use everything we have, which is not easy for the normal player to achieve without having to spend a little money just to use the hearts for your other appliances that we have had to use in the game to stay at a level that we have worked hard to get. I would love it if you could lessen that burden at least by some degree so we all can play at a pace that we don't end up not playing your game because it's not enjoyment anymore, its a task and not an easy one without those little extras that are not easily come by. 

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Getting very discouraged with the number of hearts needed to complete quests. Level 194 and need over 10,000 hearts for current quests. We need more quests that give hearts as rewards.

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 Same here It is taking so long to earn coins also and all hearts getting used up. Level #249

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Hello there,

The new quests are designed to be completed over a long period of time and to challenge all players. About earning hearts, if you have 150 neighbors who are actively playing, you can earn at least 450 hearts just from visits and requests. Moreover, you can have as many CL friends as you like which gives you the opportunity to ask for hearts and get them back each day. Some of our players collect around 1000 hearts a day and some more!

We take suggestions seriously and make changes on quests if they are too hard over the time.

Thank you all!

Than I think the hearts I am earning are not being credited or showing up. I visit everyone everyday and ask for hearts everyday. Never have had that many.


I am in the same problem, the quest needed more 8000 hearts while i only have 3000 hearts,please gamegos it doesn't make sense....starting unhappy to play this game

I like to read this article because here we can get more things   roblox free robux for the work and its so good for the time pass.

not everyone sends back a heart or visits our cafes...a lot of the supposed players are not even playing.  I have a challenge to get 40 confetties, for 500,000 coins in return.  This fete calls for 3,600 hearts!!!  wth!!!

One confetti requires 90 hearts!  ridiculous!!!


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