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Allow More Stoves

When we level up and stoves are available to buy, I suggest that we should be able to buy more than one stove at a time. It's frustrating to only be able to buy one stove and have to wait 4 or 5 more levels to be able to buy one more. Especially when the quests are cooking things that take almost 2 days to cook. 

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 Hi, another suggestion for the stoves is to increase the number of 24 that we can put into our restaurant, like Marketland you can increase it by levels, so +1 at level and so on...


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*at level X and so on


Should be able to have 25 stoves. Have been 1 stove shy to finish quests..frequently for the number of dishes I have to cook .

Hello everyone!

I will share your thoughts about the stoves and limits with the team. An immediate change will not probably come as they need to review game balance statistics to be able to make a decision, but your voice will be heard:)

Thank you for writing to us!

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