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How do I get new neighbors for Cafeland

Is there anywhere you can add community neighbors to be friends to help you play the game. I need neighbors

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Hey there,

You can check the thread "Cafeland Groups on Facebook" for links to some communities where people seek new neighbors.


i need more neighbors for cafeland 

i need more neighbors for cafeland!! please 

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i have no neighbors

I need a few more neighbors for my café. Thanks

i need more nabours on cafeland

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Well, this is can't message these people that want to be added to the game!!! I need new neighbors.....You need a better link to add new neighbors....

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I want to visit another cafe and add it as a friend however i can't find it on my neighbors list, is there a way to find that cafe I want to add? Appreciate and I'll be waiting for any feedbacks, thanks.

no help here 


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tell her to send me a friend request. tried to find her but so many pam morse?

Need more neighbors please  I am level 177 and play daily.  Thank you.

I need neighbors. Feel free to add me also. 

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